Penguins Special Needs Swim Lessons

Our Penguins Lessons are provided at the group lesson rate, with a two swimmer to one instructor ratio so they can be tailored to the individual needs of each student.  The lessons are scheduled similar to Private lessons, so we can match like students together, if possible, and so the instructor can research the adaptive need of the students challenges and abilities as they pertain to the aquatic environment.  Some will thrive within our group class and some will need more one on one attention and recommendations will be provided accordingly.

Registration: Penguin Lessons are scheduled on a first come first serve bases and are scheduled the week before the session is to begin.  Those requesting the lessons will be notified and given a time-frame to respond with payment before the next person will be contacted or the instructor is canceled.  To get onto the list for Penguin Swim Lessons, contact Teri deRosier at 916-927-3802 x114 or